Tips To Choose Custom Bakery Boxes For Your Items

Custom Bakery Boxes are used in bakeries for packaging bakery products. These are the removable containers with specific dimensions to adapt the finished pastry goods. A bakery is a spot where bread, cakes, and pastries are prepared for consumption by people. 

Styles of Custom Printed Bakery Boxes

Typically you will find different types of bakery boxes based on size or shape. Depending on your product size, you will get regular lid or self supporting lids.

Depending on your need, you can go for  

  • Flat top/ open end flap style bakery box
  • 3-flap side seal box
  • 2-flap side seal box
  • 1 flap full clear plastic window box

You can also use square bakery boxes, hexagonal (pizza) bakery boxes, etc., depending on the shape of your cake or pastry.

Suitable Material for Bakery Boxes Wholesale

Packaging material like corrugated box paper and kraft board for bakery packaging is also used in Bakery Boxes Wholesale. This will help make your product safe. You can dispose of it after usage. You can also try ecofriendly options like wax and bio degradable cardboard. These materials degrade with time and do not create any pollution.

First you need to check that all types of bakery products like cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies, tarts, etc. Then fit into the standard size of boxes as per their final dimensions before buying them. So that you don’t spend money on material you cannot use.

You can also opt for 2 distinct materials. One inside and the other outside! It will make your cake box more attractive.

Boxes with Logo Bring More Display

Keep in mind that bakery boxes are costlier than normal ones. But they are strong enough to carry heavy weight products. You can get Custom Printed Bakery Boxes with a logo or other details if required. 

Custom Bakery Boxes

Bakery Display Boxes and Bakery Decoration Boxes

If you are offering cakes at home, it’s better to go for containers with a lid instead of simple cardboard boxes. This will help in keeping your cakes fresh for a longer time. You can use Bakery display boxes and bakery decoration boxes for

  • Exclusive packaging of products
  • Promotional purposes
  • Increasing the shelf life of your product

They attract customers by their unique design and shape. You can use them while retail or wholesale promotions like Valentine’s Day special offers or Christmas special deals, etc. You can customize cake boxes with different colors and patterns according to your choice. 

You must go for thicker material as it will always help make your product safe without any chance of breakage. You can use stickers or stamps if required during the printing of bakery cards. This type of bakery box has round shaped fluted cardboard, making them stand out from the rest.

Fulfill Your Marketing Needs

You can also use printed bakery boxes with the company logo and name for marketing purposes. They will help create brand value among customers. But make sure you buy such cardboard boxes from a reputed firm only. 

Many producers offer low cost but low quality material. You can always search online to get good offers from bakery packaging box suppliers. Compared with standard corrugated boxes, these bakery containers have high impact resistance and a smooth surface. It gives a glamorous look to your product.

Nowadays, everyone is concerned about the environment. Purchase eco-friendly bakery boxes made of recycled and biodegradable material as they will not cause any pollution.

Types of Custom Bakery Boxes

There are many types of bakery packaging boxes that you can customize for your business. There are options for every bakery and bakery product, from traditional to specialty.

These supplies offer an affordable way to brand your company’s image on retail packaging. They also protect baked goods during delivery which is the key factor in receiving fresh products. Let’s look at some of these different box styles:

Basic Cake Boxes 

1) Plain Cake Box – A plain cake box has a baseboard (bottom) with no ridges 

2) Two Piece Cake Box – The two-piece cake box includes a baseboard with ridges 

3) Four Piece Cake Box – The four-piece cake box includes a baseboard with ridges 

4) Three Piece Half Moon Cake Box – The three-piece half moon cake box includes a baseboard with ridges and a separate lid 

5) Four Piece Half Moon Cake Box – The four-piece half moon cake box also includes a separate lid 

6) Display Cake Boxes – These boxes are designed so that the top of the cake is visible to display 

7) Regular Cupcake Box – The regular cupcake box has room for one dozen standard size cupcakes 

8) Miniature Cupcake Box – This miniature version of the regular cupcakes fits two dozen mini-cupcakes 

9) Jumbo Cupcake Box 

10) Shortbread / Fondant Rounds Bakery Supplies

A plain bakery box is a great way to package various baked goods. You can use it for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. The most common Custom Printed Bakery Boxes are the two piece cake box and four piece cake box. Here the bottom is separate from the lid or top. 

With some additional items from the bakery supply store, you can also create three piece half moon shaped boxes and four piece half moon shaped boxes. In addition to the cake boxes, there are also options for regular cupcakes and miniature cupcakes.

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