Top 5 Career Choices after Masters in Management

For the past decade, Masters in Management has been an alternative to MBA, not anymore. The program is getting popular day by day. The career perspectives after MiM is what make it so vast and versatile. You can kickstart your career into business and management much sooner than anticipated.

Top 5 Careers After Masters in management

A MiM is more like a diverse specialized section of business and management studies. In MBA, you learn to accelerate your career; MiM equips you with the necessary skills to handle daily responsibilities that future managers are expected of. With a specialized and versatile study approach, MiM is an international-oriented program catching more and more recognition in modern industry.

Career perspectives after MiM remain wide open with an extensive network of professionals around the world. With various sets of topics, you will learn how to cope with current demands as a manager. For instance, skills like business/management integrity, link, connections, dynamic economy, and global orientation. However, here are the top 5 careers you can choose after graduation from MiM:

Management Consultant

Accounting, finance, and consulting are the major sections in the business and management job sector. Often offering extensive earning opportunities, management consulting can open many doors for you. The responsibilities of a management consultant include providing strategies and expert advice to assist an organization in improving productivity.

The particular career is client-oriented and requires a big focus on coordination. You need to have exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities. The importance of business and management fundamentals is more than necessary to comprehend to succeed in management consulting. Average management consultant in major countries earns around $85,000 annually (equivalent to around INR 64 lakhs).

Project Manager

The skill sets like critical thinking, taking initiatives, working under pressure are a part of the MiM program. And these mentioned skills are excitedly what a project management role requires. This particular career sector is for those individuals who love organizing and have sturdy communication skills. The responsibilities primarily revolve around managing big projects for the client.

The most exciting thing about being a project manager is that one can never wholly anticipate the next. In project management, you will be working in different sectors like marketing, engineering, healthcare, etc. And a side benefit is a project manager works with technology as well, hence better transferable skills. Earning in project management depends on location and organization.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

In business or any other industry, you may have come across a consolidation or a company entirely buying a vast amount of shares of a different company. The merger and acquisition sector is very overlooking career perspective after a MiM. The only downside for this career can be dealing with professional lawyers. It takes much to come up with practical solutions and proceed with efficiency. This can be earned after MBA as well. Know all about MBA courses and decide for yourself which degree is for you.

M&A happens daily, and there is much more to understand on this topic. For instance, a giant company does not necessarily buy out a smaller company, which can be the opposite. The reasons are various; share rates, equity, lawsuits, etc. Only choose the career if you want a stable, challenging role and love the trends and industry.

Business Development Manager

After masters in management With earning opportunities possibly in six figures, business development management is a specialized yet open career. The career may not directly link with MiM, but it is an excellent choice if you want to build extensive experience in different industries. The transferability of skills and job roles is massive and requires analytics and evaluation.

As a business development manager, you will be responsible for developing the industry’s business aspect to boost its productivity and efficiency in various sections. You will be required to have expertise in combining different skills sets with network and communication. The biggest motivation to join business development management is its diversity of expertise.

Entrepreneurship after Masters in Management

Nowadays, a common form is familiar in the modern economy. New entrepreneurs are combining MBA with a MiM degree to boost up their business. If you evaluate it, starting your business with a MiM and adding an MBA seems the most exquisite. Therefore, more and more aspiring business minds are opting to start as an entrepreneur with a MiM program.

Combine your ideas and interests with management expertise in your desired field to commence your career.

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