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Top 5 Wooden Mirror Frames to Choose From

Wooden mirrors are a beautiful addition to a room’s décor. These mirrors not only make the entire space look more spacious but also enable you to check on your appearance from time to time.

Nowadays, an increasing number of home décor enthusiasts are opting for unique and stylish wooden mirror frames to adorn their houses. Available in a vast array of shapes and designs, these mirror frames can easily add the right amount of aesthetic detail and understated elegance.

In this post, we will look at the top 5 wooden mirror frames that are immensely popular and look absolutely fascinating. You can choose from any of these designs to create a bold décor statement.

Antique Wooden Mirror Style

If your home features a traditional style of interiors, this wooden mirror frame can be one of the highlighting additions to your space. The frame features intricate woodwork detailing that is gorgeous to look at. Most frames have floral details that match well with all kinds of settings and look attractive. You can install this mirror at the entrance of your home or your dressing room to enhance its appeal.

Round Wooden Mirror Design

If you are specifically searching for an art piece, this round wooden mirror is worth considering. The beautiful frame made from chips of wood can add an instant aesthetic appeal to your home. When used against a linear pattern, it will create a chic décor statement. You can use it in our bedroom or bathroom for a stylish design.

Indian Wooden Frame Design

This is one of the best wooden mirror frames to lend your home the perfect Indian touch. You can easily find such frames with Warli print online. Essentially Warli print is a colour print that showcases humans and animals in white paint against a red background. Many frames also exhibit intricate carving along with the painted design. You can use this type of mirror in the hallway or the entrance to impart a nice, old-world charm.

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Hanging Wooden Mirror Style

This is an efficient wooden mirror frame that saves space. It features an elegant rectangular mirror with a rounded or curved shape at the top to enhance its aesthetic details. The frame includes intricate work on the top as well as the sides. This type of mirror works well in the living or drawing room and even in the bedroom for a nice and sophisticated look.

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French Style Wooden Mirror Design

If you want to embellish your home and give it a unique appeal, this French wooden mirror style is the best option. The ornate mirror features a broad rectangular frame that is sure to impress the onlookers. You can add it to your bedroom or anywhere else for a bold statement. You can even hand it in portrait or landscape mode. Wooden mirror frames are highly versatile and can be used in various areas. The immense variety available in these mirrors makes it possible to browse and select your best design.


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