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Top 8 Brilliant Hosting Platforms For Your Virtual Events

Virtual events have become a common name in every organization’s structure these days. Not only organizers, but the audience has also adapted to the concept of virtual events. The reason is simple; virtual events are very convenient and have several other benefits over physical events. It is the reason people are still holding on to virtual events, even though we have the option of going back to hosting physical events. 

Keeping the popularity of virtual events in mind, we have come up with a list of some of the best hosting platforms for your virtual events. 

  • Mixhubb: 

Mixhubb is an online DIY virtual event platform that allows the organizers to plan, design, and create the virtual event, all by themselves. This feature enables them to execute their ideas according to their needs and organizational demands. With a DIY platform like Mixhubb, branding of the event and the organization becomes easy. Mixhubb comes with some of the best audience engagement tools that allow the organizers to keep the attendees engaged and hooked to the event. Not only this, the audience engagement tools allow them to maintain their engagement rates throughout the proceedings.

With Mixhubb, the attendees can interact with their fellow attendees and other people present in the event. It is a highly secure and safe platform that allows organizers to host the event without having to worry about online threats and security breaches. If you are a small to mid-scale business, we would recommend you to get your hands on a platform like Mixhubb and deliver the best virtual event experiences to your attendees. 

  • BigMarker: 

BigMarker is one name that several global organizations rely on for creating virtual event experiences. It is a browser-based solution that comes with no-download functionality. When it comes to a platform that enables you to deliver live, on-demand, and automated content, there’s no better option than BigMarker. This platform comes with interactive features such as live polls, Q&A sessions, offers, etc. It has a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require high technical knowledge to broadcast your event to multiple platforms. 

  • Remo: 

The next platform that we have covered in the list of the best online event hosting platforms is Remo. This virtual event platform enables you to deliver authentic and closer-to-real event experiences to your audience. It comes with audience interactivity tools such as audio and video chat functionality, allowing the attendees to interact with each other conveniently. To enable group networking, Remo provides a Networking Tables tool. This tool makes group interaction very seamless and efficient. The USP of this online solution is networking and interactivity tools. With these tools, the attendees can connect with each other and make long-lasting connections. 

  • Vimeo:

Vimeo is another promising online event tool that allows you to deliver larger-than-life event experiences to your audience. This one-stop solution comes with all the tools you need to plan, create, and host an unforgettable online event. Vimeo has over 200 million users across the world, and the most loved feature of this platform is its ability to upload video on your website without writing codes. It is an ad-free and a highly-advanced solution that enables you to host events very conveniently and effectively. 

  • SpotMe: 

The next platform that we will talk about in this list is a solution that is known for delivering the most immersive event experiences to the audience. With SpotMe, the organizers can deliver live and on-demand content to the audience. It is a multi-browser and multi-device-compatible event solution that enables the attendees to access the event from the device of their choice. Along with it, SpotMe is a customizable event platform that makes it possible for the organizers to create and deliver an online event according to their needs and demands. Talking about its engaging features, it comes with tools like gamification and breakout rooms. 

  • Boomset: 

Boomset is known to deliver the best virtual conferences, workshops, and various other kinds of virtual events. This leading online event hosting platform comes with top features like breakout rooms, immersive exhibition booths, interactivity tools, and many more such features that add value to the overall attendee experience. Boomset is one of the best platforms if you’re a mid-scale organization. Also, the best tool of this platform is that it doesn’t have any limitations on the number of attendees. You can have as many attendees as you want to be in your event.

  • HeySummit: 

The next name on the list of the top event hosting platforms is HeySummit. This platform is one of the best names that makes knowledge sharing a seamless experience. It is an all-in-one platform that comes with some of the best event organizing features. With HeySummit, the organizers can host the virtual event with utmost convenience and ease. This platform has got all your event needs checked and enables the organizers to get all the required tools in one place. It comes with features like online ticketing, event marketing solutions, and event attendees’ feedback collection. You can customize the platform, depending on your demands and brand demands. Along with this, you can host different kinds of sessions on HeySummit; a few types are workshops, panel discussions, and even Q&A sessions. 

  • GoBrunch: 

GoBrunch is a simple and easy-to-use platform that helps global brands deliver unforgettable event experiences to their target audience. Though you can host any event with GoBrunch, it is known for hosting the best online meetings. Some of the most amazing features of this platform are virtual breakout rooms, virtual networking tools, private meetings features, promotional tools, etc. Along with these features, this platform allows the attendees to download documents and presentations. In addition, it has a community feature that allows you to keep your attendees updated about your upcoming events. 

The intent behind creating this list of the best event hosting companies was to make you aware of the fact that every platform has its own advantages and limitations. Before you pick your event solution, make sure you conduct enough research and study different platforms. Once you are satisfied, pick a solution that meets your event demands and objectives. 

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