Top Interactive Web Design Tips and Ideas

We don’t have to tell you the importance of having a good web design for your business website. But we must tell you that is one of the most distinct things because it’s the both designer and the user that make it work. But in order to make it work from the user’s end, the website design needs to be interactive. These Web Design Tips will make your user follow a path that leads to finally completing the purchase. Regardless of what type of website you have, interactive design plays an important role especially when it comes to e-commerce website design Melbourne. 

Interaction plays an important part as they make web design interact and people pay attention to it. Another reason to take care of your website design is to make yourself unique in the market. Customers always look for something unique for everything. Having a distinct website that caters to their needs would help your business grow with time. A good interactive web design from the web design company Adelaide engages users to scroll down & consume more content. Navigate to other pages, share them with their friends and families. Most importantly click on that call to action button. We know it can be daunting to find the top trending designs for your website. So we bring you the top tips and ideas for interactive web design. 

Tip 1 – Take Full Use of Loading Screen Time 

Loading time can be an issue for bigger websites. Do you know that an average user has 5-8 seconds of attention span. And if your loading time is around 2-3 seconds that means your customer bounce rate is increasing. But you can use the animations while your website is loading as it won’t hamper your users’ experience and doesn’t serve as a negative experience for visitors. Make loading screens an opportunity and impress your users through animations. You can also add any games with the help of web design company Adelaide as it the loading time can become an interactive experience. 

Tip 2 – Use the Power of Animation Scrolling

Everybody knows about animation scrolling as it is some of the simplest ways to organize information on the website. But what people tend to forget is it works as one of the most intuitive interaction methods that you can add to your web design. It doesn’t matter if it is outdated but it still plays with the minds of the users. As they love to use animated scrolling as it gives them a dynamic movement throughout a website. Different animation scrolling methods include scroll-triggered animations(triggers specific animations to activate as the user scrolls through the website.) and Parallax scrolling which is also known as asymmetrical scrolling (Has two objects on a screen moving at two different speeds, as the user scrolls down the page. The results give a 3D animation and a depth to the movement.)

However, with the ecommerce website design Melbourne we suggest going as simple as possible and include a design that caters to the customers. 

Tip 3 – Remove the Navigation Menu

Hiding the menu will give you the freedom to play with the design and will give the web page space to breathe and allow you to add menu reveal in another new way. Since users are now choosing to pull up the menu, many designers are answering that call with navigation that takes over the entire screen. This allows you to add big typography, descriptive images, and also hover animations like the interactive design to your website. 


These are some of the top tips and ideas to create an interactive web design for your business site. We hope this will be helpful for you and your business.


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