Top Reasons Why You Should Get An ICICI Credit Card

Wondering which bank’s credit card should you take? No worries, we will guide you through it. The ICICI Bank is one of the leading credit card issuers in the market. You can get an entry-level credit card to a super-premium credit card under this bank. To make things a lot easier for you, we have listed below 6 reasons why you should get an ICICI Credit Card. 

  • Wide range of credit cards: With ICICI Bank you get a wide range of credit cards. From lifetime free credit
    cards to super-premium credit cards, you can get any credit card that perfectly suits your profile. From shopping needs to travel needs of a customer ICICI Bank has kept everyone’s needs in mind. Maybe you will find a credit card for yourself too. Under lifetime free credit cards you can consider
    Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card as it is a highly rewarding credit card even being an entry-level credit card. 
  • Rewards and services: You get various rewards programs with the ICICI Bank and an easy reward redemption program too. You can enjoy cash back rewards, Payback points, reward points, Airmiles, etc. on a credit card. From time to time you get offers on credit cards which you can avail of easily
  • Auto-Debit facility: You can easily register for the auto-debit services with ICICI Credit Cards. You can either choose the minimum due amount or the total due amount depending on your convenience. This service can save you from forgetting the due dates. 
  • Mobile Alerts/E-mail statement: You get to enjoy the facilities like a mobile alerts/e-mail statement with an ICICI credit card. Whenever you make a transaction or payment of credit card bill/utility bill you are notified about the same immediately on your registered mobile number. Moreover, after a billing cycle is over you get a monthly credit card statement on your registered mobile number.
  • Cash Advance: With ICICI Bank funds are available 24 hours a day. You can withdraw cash from any VISA or MasterCard participating ATM. However, you must remember that withdrawing cash from an ATM using an ICICI Credit Card attracts cash advance charges. Also, from the date of the transaction to the date of payment interest will be charged. To know more about the fees and charges check ICICI Bank official website here.
  • Other services: apart from the above features and benefits, you get services like online channels to pay the credit card bills, utility bills, etc. You can easily avail the net banking services from your home by registering for it in few simple steps. You also get a click to pay services with an ICICI Credit Card.  

Bottom Line

To summarise, you should definitely consider applying for ICICI credit cards since you get so many features and benefits. One of the credit cards that has become the talk of the town from ICICI Bank is the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card. Even the first credit card users can find a credit card as per their need. The rule with credit cards is to keep the credit card bills clear and maintain a low credit utilization ratio, and you will be good too. However, you must know how to maximize the benefits of a credit card.

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