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Acne is quite a common problem suffered by individuals usually at the time, puberty hits, or maybe due to some hormonal imbalance. Acne develops when empty pores and follicles get clogged or infected with bacteria or dead skin cells. In case, this is not treated well in time, it may lead to permanent scars on your face. To treat the scars, you can use no scars face cream, but it is better to treat acne than to treat the scars. For treating acne, you can use several home remedies that are proven to be quite effective, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, and prevent you from future acne breakouts. Here, we shall discuss some of these remedies to treat acne at home. 



 Tea tree oil possesses anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties, which points that it not only treats acne but also kills the bacteria responsible for causing acne. You can apply tea tree extract in form of gels, creams, or essential oil. But, make sure that you apply it in the diluted form only. Tea tree oil is also supposed to reduce swelling and redness of pimples and even reduce the number of acne sores.


Jojoba oil is a natural waxy substance that helps to cure damaged skin. It speeds up the healing process of the skin which means faster recovery of acne lesions. You can mix jojoba oil in your daily-use cream or make a separate face mask using this oil and apply it to your acne-prone face. Before, going to bed, you can apply a few drops of this oil over the acne sores and leave it overnight.


Aloe Vera is much recommended for all types of skin problems. It is a very good moisturizer as it contains a lot of water and thus is very good for people suffering from dry skin by use of other products for treating acne. First of all, clean the acne sores and then apply aloe vera gel all over the affected area, leave until dry and then rinse your face with cold water. Use it at least once a day.


 Honey has been used to treat various skin conditions for thousands of years now. It has antioxidants that clear the clogged pores and remove the debris. You can either rub honey directly over your face in a very gentle manner or apply it in form of creams or face masks. 


Garlic boost’s the body to fight infections and kill germs. It contains organosulfur compounds which boost the immune system and help to fight infections. To treat acne, people add more garlic to their diet. You can also consume it raw, roasted, or in form of a drink. However applying garlic directly to the sores may cause the skin to burn, which may worsen the condition.

You may choose any of these remedies to treat your acne but not all remedies work for everyone. In case your acne leads to the development of scars, you can use no scars skin cream and consult your dermatologist for further medication.


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