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Trendiest Fireplace Ideas for Your Custom Home

Fireplaces are essential for every home, especially for the winter season. Fireplaces not only cozy up a space for you and your family to hang around at, but they can completely transform any area. You can go for a more modern fireplace design, or even a rustic and antique one- the choices you have are endless!

Therefore we’ve listed out the trendiest fireplace ideas for your to choose from before you start building a custom home:

Traditional wood fireplace

Wood has the ability to give an antique look out of anything, as well as a contemporary look. You can never go wrong with a traditional wooden fireplace! 

Moreover, these wooden fireplaces come in various forms and designs you can choose from. Another plus point of going for wooden fireplaces is that wood is in abundance, and comparatively cheaper. 

Also, it’s a renewable source of energy, which means you’ll be benefiting from an environmentally-friendly fireplace at your house. This way, you’ll be reducing carbon footprints in your house, and is perfect if you’re willing to have an eco-friendly custom home. Those burning wooden logs in the fireplace are going to give you a hit of nostalgia. 

Even watching the wood burning in winter is so satisfying, especially when you’re cuddling up with your close ones and roasting marshmallows!

However, you’ll obviously need to have a full chimney built in your house, for all the smoke to escape from your home. 

Pellet Stove

Pellet stove fireplaces are another trendy option for you to add into your new custom home. These fireplaces are a versatile option, because they consist of a unit which can easily be inserted into an already existing fireplace. They operate similar to a wooden fireplace, but just use stones as their method for heating.

With pellet stove fireplaces, you’ll benefit from little to no ash. You will have cleaner and purified air in your custom home, both indoors and outdoors. Also, pellet stones are in abundance as well, and can be easily available anywhere. You can stock these up for periods of time, and the best part is that they don’t even take up a lot of space!


As far ease of use is concerned, pellet stoves are comparatively more convenient to use as these don’t require kindling or any matches to ignite the heater. These pellet stoves feature electric igniters that do the job perfectly, without any manual input.

If we talk about the ability to keep your custom house warmer over the cold season, pellet stoves do an excellent job.

Mantel fireplaces

Mantel fireplaces are one of the most common kinds of fireplaces.  These basically frame the opening of a fireplace, and can even cover the chimney breast. 

Mantel fireplaces go back to Medieval times and still have the ability to give a contemporary feel to any place. These fireplaces are also available in any material you want, just as marble, stone, granite, and so on. 

Which marble or material you choose, will depend entirely upon the whole space you’ll be installing a fireplace to. Moreover, you can decorate your mantel fireplace further by adding statement pieces on its shelve, or an anchoring piece such as a mirror, sculpture, greenery, or basically any art you want to attract your eyes towards.

Marble slab fireplaces

If you’re willing to add a luxurious touch to your fireplace, then choose marble. 

Marble tiles have the ability to add sophistication and beauty to any area. Also, adding marble slabs will definitely complement the minimalist interiors in your custom home. There are numerous marbles you can go for, which are available in countless designs, stunning colors, and textures- the choice is totally yours!

Stone fireplace

Adding a stone fireplace can give a rustic feel to your space, and can also greatly enhance your furniture. These fireplaces look absolutely gorgeous, and you get to choose the layout! Mostly, these stone fireplaces are installed from floor to ceiling, but you can go for any design and style.

Craftsman style fireplace

Craftsman-style fireplace help give a more modern look to any space. These will help promote a feeling of warmth in your home. These fireplaces come in sleek and fine finishes and can be customized according to your preferences. You can choose to add stones or wood to it, and even go for a pop of color.

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