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Trendy hairstyles with braids

Because braids do not go out of style and this year they are the must of hairstyles. Because they define the romantic bride, the creative bride, the modern bride. We give you the reasons for combing your hair with braids at your wedding. Elegance and originality, hand in hand.

Make your big day marvelous

After browsing through various wedding dress boutiques, you found the perfect dress with subtle lace. You went to several flower shops to find out which are the bridal bouquets that are trending and that, above all, make you sigh. You decided that you will wear a piece of minimalist jewelry that gives all the prominence to your natural beauty. The wedding hairstyles are claiming their turn. And guess what: braided hairstyles come to the front by braiding salon near me on Google and get services near you. Let’s find out why.

There are thousands of hairstyles: collected, loose, half collected … Although it is true that braids do not excite all brides, it is also a fact that this hair arrangement is the most versatile. Like chameleons, braids blend in with the environment: they serve to put the finishing touch to both classic and modern outfits, innocent, bohemian, casual, transgressive, rustic and baroque. Take the opportunity to review the photo gallery of the article and check out the options that we bring you today. Although there is nothing better than listening to your stylist and allowing yourself to be advised, you can always take part of your homework with you, right?

Most versatile hairstyles

The good thing about the different types of braids is that they adapt to any type of face and makeup. You just have to know how to choose them. Without the need to modify your outfit, the way to weave the braids goes from the most glamorous to the most relaxed. If you are an avant-garde bride and you are looking for modern braid hairstyles, you should consider the sophisticated four-strand, Z or dragon style braids.

Meanwhile, a low-sided collection whose architecture converge several braids will be ideal to combine with simple wedding dresses in style. And if you are going to wear a romantic dress with a sweetheart neckline, the pinnacle of the classic, a fishtail braid that slides from the shoulder to the bust will make you fall in love with the mirror!

Hairstyles for all types of hair

“But I’ll have to grow my hair long before the wedding.” Not necessarily. Long, medium or short; Chinese, broken or smooth. You will not have to worry! Obviously, if you bring a pixie cut, the length of the hair will not be enough for a French braid, but maybe if you can weave some strands and decorate them with the same wedding flowers that you will carry in the bouquet. Also, take into account that there are braided hairpieces and extensions to give your hair volume.

Braids with flowers

As with most updos, flowers can give your hair a lovely twist. Especially at weddings held outdoors , both in the country, on the beach or in a garden. If you shy away from anything that might sound overloaded, ask your stylist for a hairstyle with easy braids: a simple little flower will suffice to envelop you in discreet romance.

Do you veil?

Curtain bangs suits best either you veil or not. If you are looking for a way to skip the wedding conventions and the first thing you want to eliminate is the wedding veil, opt for a birdcage headdress or net headdress. This will be the perfect complement with a half up hairstyle that can be woven from intricate braids. Does it seem too vintage? So another idea is to make a full or half crown with braids.

Trendy Mexican hair styles

And with regard to crowns and flowers, although this hairstyle is already old, it is one of the favorites and in trend. Mexican-style braids! Whether your wedding has a national theme or not, Frida Kahlo-style braids are perfect for brides who love art, who dream, who fight, who reinvent themselves, who love without measure. These are compatible with rustic, country and bohemian weddings. Don’t forget the big, colorful flowers! To continue the Frida concept, export this colorful idea to simple wedding centerpieces. Recycle some cans of paint as vases and dip in some brushes, interspersing them with the flowers.

Hair styles worth more accessories

Not just the headdresses and the flowers; Also, combs, ribbons, hairpins with rhinestones and bows can be the best complement to a hairstyle with braids, even for simple wedding hairstyles. You will only have to pay attention to the details of all your styling to know which one to choose.

Romantic brides who will wear princess-cut wedding dresses will undoubtedly wear a sparkly tiara or headdress in their hairstyle. What better than to choose a Dutch or French braid with the ends as open as possible to give more volume to the hairstyle.

As you will see, we could continue giving you dozens of tips and why on choosing braids as the most charismatic of all elegant updos. However, you’d better find out for yourself. Make an appointment at the beauty salon and find out which hairstyle best suits your tastes, with all your wedding styling and very important! with your features. Just as wood and lace add a bohemian touch to wedding centerpieces, will braids conquer on your wedding day?

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