Valentine’s Day in Lockdown: How to Make Valentine’s Day Special in Lockdown!!!

Being confined at home for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Here are some suggestions for spending Valentine’s Day (and the Night!) at home while still making it memorable! You can order Valentine Day gifts online and make the day memorable.

Take a romantic stroll:

Make a point of stopping for a cheeky glass of fizz and some chocolates during your walk!! Make the most of your outside space. Valentine’s Day in Lockdown (weather allowing) may probably be the best opportunity to enjoy an evening under the stars. Wrap up warm, pull out some blankets, and curl up under the blankets under the winter sky. Do you have a fire pit? Could you turn it on? Do you have a grill? It’s time to light it (they’re not just for summer!). Pizza ovens, camp stoves, etc., are all possibilities. Warm-up with some marshmallows, chestnuts, and mulled wine. That isn’t only for the holidays. If feasible, add some fairy lights to make everything even more beautiful and twinkly.

Make a romantic lockdown meal:

What’s a Valentine’s Day celebration without a romantic meal? A Valentine’s Breakfast is a great way to start the day. Breakfast in bed will be a hit with your lover (don’t forget the flowers!). Look for local delis with unique Breakfast bargains if you want to take it a step further. Look for local restaurants that may deliver chef-prepared meals to your door. Many Valentine’s Day specials are on the menu, so you may have a delicious lunch while also supporting local businesses! Choose between a chocolate fondue with fruit, fudge, and marshmallow skewers… or a cheese fondue with all. Take a peek at excellent Valentine gifts for girlfriend for a faithful Valentine’s treat. Put a rug on the floor of your living room and get comfortable. Breakfast hampers are also available. 

Make a reservation for local services far ahead of time:

Many local enterprises, such as hot tub rental, home cinema rental, and even house discos, are still open for business. This blog could provide some inspiration to anyone in the Leeds area.

Participate in an online Valentine’s Day cooking class:

Live cooking sessions, lasting 1.5-2 hours, are available at the Avenue Cookery School in London. They’ll email you everything you need to know for your class when you book, including any materials and equipment you’ll need to source, and then they’ll send you the all-important Google Meets login details via email a week before the session. Could you take a peek at their possibilities here? Put your best foot forward! You can still make your home unique just because it’s yours. Dust off that tuxedo and get out that tiny black dress. 

Make Your Spa At Home:

Treat your partner, or both of you, to a spa treatment at home. Candles, massages, and a hot bath with rose petals or a bath bomb are all on the menu. To complete the experience, get out some fluffy dressing robes, slippers, and cucumbers for your eyes.

Chill with Netflix:

Just remember to bring snacks because Netflix and chilling can make you hungry.

Bar Crawl in the Neighborhood:

If you enjoy a good bar crawl, turn each room in your house into a distinct bar, complete with a different theme, music, and, of course, different drinks! Try Mojitos at the Cuban bar with the dance floor, a Long Island Iced Tea at the Sunset Lounge, and then hit the clubs beneath the disco lights to sip vodka and cokes! There are no decorations necessary. Alternatively, how about hosting a Virtual Wine Tasting? 

Make some romantic plans for the future:

We’re now under lockdown, but it won’t continue forever. Snuggle up on the couch and peruse our selection of vacations, day trips, and activities. Make a list of things to look forward to once life returns to normal. Have some fun with the youngsters. If you have children at home, make the day enjoyable for them as well! Here are some Valentine’s Day activity suggestions for kids. 

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