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Viral TikTok Song 2022

TikTok is an emerging social media platform today, loved by everyone. Especially, in the context of the current pandemic, people have more time at home, spending more time on social networks.

Therefore, it is not surprising that TikTok downloads have increased significantly and TikTok is becoming increasingly popular.

Videos posted on TikTok are in many fields such as entertainment, education,… Each video will use background music to increase the attractiveness of the video.

Because of that, some songs have become popular, even those that have been around for a long time.

Here are some viral TikTok songs

Viral TikTok song 2022

1. Kreepa’s “Oh No”

“Oh No” is one of those songs that will forever be associated with TikTok videos. This song is often used as background music for funny moments. This is the song that has been used in videos of more than 13 million videos, topping the list today. 

2. 123 I love you

This is a sweet, romantic song in Chinese about the theme of love. The song has attracted many users, has thousands of downloads. The song has become a familiar song to TikTok users when there are many videos using this song as background music.

3. Learning the sound of a cat

The song emerged after a 15s cover clip of female streamer Okmaid from China. This song has become extremely hot, attracting millions of views, downloads and being used as background music in millions of TikTok videos.

The song talks about the pure love story of a couple with youthful and lovely lyrics. The song received love from young people and quickly became popular.

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4. So pretty

The song is mainly used in makeup videos, on clothes to show that you will become more beautiful when you put on nice clothes or when you have the right makeup. with his style. 

Therefore, it is not too surprising that this is one of the popular songs on the TikTok platform, where there are countless videos about beauty content. “So pretty” was used as the soundtrack for 1.3 million TikTok videos.

5. Raiden & Chanyeol (feat. LeeHi, Changmo) – Yours

Are you an EXO fan? Currently, Chanyeol has released his solo song called Yours, with the participation of Raiden, a famous DJ and song producer.

The song is commonly used by TikTok residents to create content about drakor. The song itself is about someone who still can’t leave their ex even though their relationship is over.

Equipped with an R&B-style disco and also paired with a smooth mix of Chanyeol, Lee Hi, Changmo’s rap, and a bit of eloquence, Yours takes on a unique and different color from the crowd. with similar songs in general.

6. Aviwkila – Prayers for you

The song performed by Aviwkila, Prayers for You still regularly makes the list of FYP TikTok. This song was created as a form of encouragement and prayer for those who are still having difficulty moving away from their families.

Many TikTok users use this song as background audio content with the content being prayers for their loved ones and asking God for the best.

In addition, this song is also used for videos about sad events such as natural disasters, storms, and floods…

Above is a list of 6 viral songs on TikTok today. Use these songs in your videos to increase the appeal. Also, once you have the perfect video, save it by downloading it. You can use the TikTok downloader, typically some TikMate and SnapTik websites to download TikTok videos for free. You can then keep it as a souvenir or re-share it on other social media sites to spread your video. 

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