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Vulvovaginitis in Children — Treatment and Prevention

Medical doctors treat vulvovaginitis in children very effectively. The treatment in this branch is modern and advanced due to ample research and success. But the prevention is uncertain, though there are some things to do to minimize the possibility of the problem. If you like to know about the treatment and prevention of vulvovaginitis in children, you can continue reading.

Treatment: Primary Evaluation through Consult

Before starting the treatment of vulvovaginitis in your daughter, a doctor would like to evaluate the disease in her. For this, he will consult with you and with your little daughter about the symptoms. If your daughter has any current sickness, or if she has recently undergone some medication, the doctor will note down that. The doctor will then inquire about her showering style, wiping skills, and dress-up habits.

Vulvovaginitis Treatments for Surrogacy Babies

Hence surrogacy is fully processed under surrogacy agreement and covered by particular laws so you need to maintain all of them. However, if you face vulvovaginitis in your baby you might contract to the agency. Visit agenzia di maternità surrogate to learn more about surrogacy clinic.

Treatment: Examination of External Genital Area

The doctor will softly examine the external genital area of your little daughter. This examination might seem like a matter of shyness or humiliation to your little daughter, and she may need your counseling. The process has nothing to hurt or intrude anything into her body. However, if the doctor notices a discharge during the examination, he will take a sample of it.

Treatment: According to Cause — Antibiotics for Bacterial Infections

Based on the findings out of the evaluation and examination in search of the cause of vulvovaginitis in your daughter, the doctor will treat. If the cause is an infection due to bacteria, the doctor will prescribe her antibiotics or topical antibiotics, hydrocortisone cream, antifungal cream, or a particular ointment based on his diagnosis. Side by side, he will give you some tips to soothe her pain caused by vulvovaginitis.

Treatment: Doctor’s Recommendations

The vagina is a damp, warm, and dark place that is ideal for the microorganisms liable for irritation in the sensitive tissue. You can make sure your little daughter warm bath frequently without soap, soaking with Epsom salt, cool compresses, wet wipes made for sensitive skins as a supporting part of the treatment. The doctor will recommend wiping front to back. He will also recommend using loose cotton clothing that allows her vulva ample air circulation to dry up the genital area.


To try to prevent vulvovaginitis in your little daughter, keep her clean. Make sure she wipes front to back after peeing and pooping. Motivate her to sit with knees wide apart while urinating, which will prevent urine from going up through the vagina. Train her to wash her hands perfectly before and after she uses the toilet. Avoid using powder or other cosmetics to make her genital area scented. Do not let her use soap or shampoo in the genital area, especially for a long time. Also, make sure that your little daughter gets dry within the time after each bath and dress up. Never let her wear clothes that limit air circulation like tight jeans, nylon pants, and tight pajama’s etcetera. Choose loose clothes for her, preferably made of cotton.

The above discussion will give you a clear idea about the treatment and prevention of vulvovaginitis in children that will prepare you to take care of your dear little daughter as a caring parent.

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