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What Are Some Uses And Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil?

Eucalyptus oil is best known for its medicinal benefits as it helps treat a wide range of health conditions, from cold to asthma. Its antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make eucalyptus oil the most beneficial ingredient in herbal medicines, ointments, and creams. Since it naturally contains tannins and flavonoids, it has a remarkable healing power to cure and treat many diseases. Scientists believe that eucalyptus oil has countless benefits for health, but not all of them have been researched and approved. Thus, we enlist below some of the confirmed benefits to let you use them correctly for maximum gain.

Uses and Benefits of Eucalyptus oils

·        Relieve cough and cold:

When you see the ingredients of any famous cough lozenges or inhalants, you will find eucalyptus extract on their ingredients list. The reason is that eucalyptus has a natural power to relieve cough, congestion, sore throat, and other common cold symptoms. It works as a decongestant or expectorant that helps loosen the phlegm to ease the congestion. The answer to how to use eucalyptus oil for cough is simplest. You can either take steam with a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or use any inhalant having this essential oil.

·        Improve dental care:

Eucalyptus has natural germicidal properties, so it can fight the germs in the mouth to keep the mouth healthy. According to researches, it can combat cavities, remove plaque, prevent oral infection, and relieve gingivitis. Therefore, herbal toothpaste has eucalyptus as an active ingredient in the formula. You can rinse your mouth with salted warm water having a few drops of this essential oil.

·        Work as a mosquito repellent:

Nowadays, mosquitoes carry dengue and malaria, so one need to keep mosquitoes away. You can use eucalyptus essential oil as mosquitoes repellent because it can repel almost all types of pests. It is an eco-friendly product that can keep your environment safe from virus-carrying mosquitoes, bees, flies, and other insects.

·        Relieve Muscles and Joint Pain:

According to research, eucalyptus extract has analgesic properties that help reduce muscles and joint pain. Whether you have arthritis pain, back pain, strain, bruising, or muscles fatigue, you only need to massage the affected area with diluted eucalyptus extract. It will ease the pain and reduce inflammation with only one-time use.

·        Disinfect wounds:

Traditionally, people used eucalyptus leaves to treat minor cuts, injuries, burns, skin infections, and bruises. Since they have exceptional disinfecting properties, they fight against infecting bacteria and germs to keep the wound clean. Their phenomenal healing power helps the skin to recover speedily.

·        Treat eczema:

Eczema treatment is one of the common uses of eucalyptus oil for skin. Since it has natural moisturizing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, it works the best to treat irritated, dry, and even eczema skin. You can add a few drops of this essential oil to any carrier oil and apply it to the affected area to soothe itching and irritation. It also works on acne flare-ups, cuts, fungal skin infections, and rashes. Do not forget to dilute it before using it directly on the skin.

·        Fight Dandruff:

The anti-dandruff benefits of eucalyptus oil for hair make you add this essential oil to your hair care routine. The research found that it can reduce dryness, flakiness, and dandruff by simply adding a few drops to your shampoo or hair oil. As it also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces scalp inflammation to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Eucalyptus oil benefits for COVID-19:

Do you know Eucalyptus extract can boost the recovery process of COVID-19? Yes! It is true. Most COVID-19 symptoms are the same as seasonal flu and respiratory diseases, so eucalyptus works the best to relieve these symptoms. Many corona patients find it helpful to restore the smell sense by simply inhaling the vapors of eucalyptus. It also decongests the chest by loosening the accumulated phlegm through coughing. These benefits make it the best home remedy for coronavirus symptoms.

How to use eucalyptus oil?

The directions of use of eucalyptus oil vary from procedure to procedure. We enlist three methods here that you can pick as per your required usage.

  • If you want to use eucalyptus extract as an inhalant, add 2 to 4 drops of essential oil in hot water and inhale the steam.
  • If you want to use it as an antiseptic treatment for wounds or acne, mix one drop of oil with three drops of water and apply it directly onto the skin.
  • For eczema and skin flare-up treatment, dilute it in any carrier oil or water in 1: 3 ratios and apply it on targeted skin.
  • For anti-dandruff and hair care, add a few drops in your hair oil or add one to two drops in shampoo for hair reviving effect.
  • For congested chest and sore throat, add a couple of drops of this oil in any carrier oil and rub it on the chest, neck, and back.
  • For mosquito’s repellency, you can mix eucalyptus oil in bathwater and pour it all over your body.

Eucalyptus oil side effects:

Ingesting eucalyptus essential oil in its purest form is dangerous as it contains volatile organic compounds that can cause severe damages to health. However, it is generally safe to inhale it through steam. You only need to follow the dosage recommendation and dilution ratio to use it with safety. Otherwise, over dosage or direct ingestion can lead to the following adverse effects:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Suffocation
  • Breathlessness
  • Seizure
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Nervous breakdown
  • Coma

In the case of young kids, be cautious even on eucalyptus inhalation because its high dosage can give eucalyptus poisoning. In addition, expected women or nursing women should also avoid using any essential oil without doctor recommendations.

There are many brands available online which provide 100% natural eucalyptus essential oil. Whether you go for eucalyptus oil clicks or Amazon, you can get them at the best price with online shopping in pakistan services. So, add this essential oil to your home remedies recipes and treat minor diseases at home with ease.

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