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What is the downside of dental implants?

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and it is a recommended procedure. Moreover, partial dentures and bridges are also used for the replacement of teeth but Dental implants are effective. However, the replacement of teeth with an artificial root is not an ideal treatment for everyone. Expert dentists claim that implants are a modern-day technique used to replace natural teeth. However, it comes with pros and cons,

below are the downsides of affordable teeth implants.

An implant requires a surgical procedure although the implant is, perfect teeth replacement but requires a complex surgical procedure. Although, people might think surgery is not harmful it is a health risk. The expert dentists of Daher clinic claim that the complication rate of the implant is about 4 to 10%. These complications include adjacent tooth damage, complications in healing after surgery infection in the jaw, tissue fractures, etc. Therefore, if the individual is agree to take these risks, artificial root treatment is a perfect option for him.
Costly, Unlike partial dentures and bridges, the cost of implants is too much which cannot be paid easily. Even a single implant costs thousands of dollars and a full mouth implant will cost tens of thousands. The cost of the implant also relies on the case of the patient.

For instance, if dentists have to perform another procedure before the implant separate cost will be charged. Therefore, it is not suitable for individuals who are on a budget and cannot spend a huge amount. Teeth replacement through teeth replacement is right for individuals who have huge amounts to spend. Restoration replacement is required Although implant offers, long-term results you may have to replace the restorations as well. The cost of replacing restoration down the line is huge. For instance, $1000 is required for a single implant and you can add up the amount in case of multiple implants.

Dental bridges and partial dentures are less costly but not effective. The expert dentist of Daher clinic explains that individuals who require replacing the restorations are the ones who did not take care of oral health. Crowns and bridges can last long in case of regular brushing and flossing. However, you have to use a brush with soft bristles to avoid any damage. The crown and bridges serve as teeth guards and mouth guards which is compulsory.

Healing takes time Implants are not the option for people wanting to heal quickly. A huge disadvantage of teeth implants is they require time to heal properly. Moreover, dentists have to make sure the patient has enough bone to accommodate the implant. If enough bone is not there, bone graft surgery will be performed. Furthermore, if any teeth need to be removed, the dentist has to perform a procedure in advance. Therefore, implants are not a solution if the patient does not have enough bone density. After the implant, surgery gums require healing as they start to grow bone in surrounding areas. The patient might heal within 5-18 months and he can heal only when enough bone is grown around the gum.

In case gums have not healed, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth and recommend restorations. The impressions will be sent to a lab for restorations preparation and they will be placed in your teeth. In case you do not have patience, Dental implants are not suitable for you. Insurance does not cover the Implant Implant procedure requires a huge amount and insurance does not cover it. Although the process of restoration might be covered by the insurance you have to pay for the implants which include dental bridges, partial dentures, etc.

Therefore, you should call your dentist to consult how much amount of treatment insurance will cover.
Implants might fall Every patient might know that the implant might fall before time. Although the falling rate of dental implants is not more than 15%. Therefore, you should know before going for a teeth replacement procedure that your implant may not last for a lifetime. If you are willing
to go for the implant, go to a skilled and experienced dentist.

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