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What Type of Connector is used with Cat5e & Cat6 Cables

As the name implies, an Ethernet cable connector connects the cable with a device. And all types of ethernet cables need a connector to function. Without a connector, ethernet cables are like an empty canon. Simply put, they are good for nothing. So the question arises here: what type of connector is used with Cat5e and Cat6 cables?

The answer is simple. But it needs some elaboration because if ethernet cables are connected with the wrong connector, they might function poorly or they might not function at all.

To answer the question, Registered Jack (RJ) 45 connectors are used with cat5e and cat6 cables. More interesting facts about the RJ45 connector will be mentioned later, but let’s first discuss what an RJ45 connector is and why it is particularly used with cat5e and cat6 ethernet cables?

What is the Rj45 connector?

As mentioned earlier, RJ is the acronym for registered jack and the 45 refers to the variant type. The RJ45 connector was first invented by Bell Labs in 1973. Interestingly, there is not just one, but many variants of the registered jack. The very first one was invented for connecting telephones. The later versions also had their specific purposes and the RJ45 was invented to transfer data from one the computer to another and through the internet to another device.

The RJ45 is a type 8P8C conductor, which means it has 8 pins that are connected with 8 conductors. The pins are spaced at a distance of approximately 1 mm apart. And since the cat5e and cat6 cables have 8 conductors at the core, the 8 pins of the RJ45 are connected to the 8 corresponding conductors of the ethernet cable.

Connector for Cat5e:

A connector is one of the most basic parts of network cables. In fact, the connectors are what make up this cable. From the perspective of the Cat5 E cable, the connectors are the easiest thing to understand. This is because they are the simplest of the setup.

Cat5e ethernet cable is an enhanced cable, but it needs a good connector to maintain its efficiency. And Rj45 connector is the answer to the debatable efficiency of the cat5e cable.

Connecter for with Cat6:

Cat6 has 4 twisted pairs of conductors and 8 conductors in total. It is a heavy-duty cable with gigabit performance features. Hence, it is necessary for this cable to be connected with the right connector. And it is connected with an Rj45 jack. In networking, the Rj45 connector is used to connect all types of bulk Cat6 cables and Cat6 1000ft cables.

Fun Fact:

The first Registered Jack connectors were invented to connect telephone networks, but the advanced information technology required a different medium to transfer data, therefore these Rj45 cable connectors were designed.


The two most common types of connectors used with Cat5e and Cat6 cables are RJ45 connectors and STP connectors. The RJ45 connectors are the same as the RJ11 connectors that are used with phone cables and they are used in many different applications from computers to networking cables. The STP connectors are used with fiber optic cables. We hope this blog post has helped you find the information you were looking for about the different types of connectors that are used on Cat5e and Cat6 cables! 

Now, you know when you need to connect a cat5e 1000ft cable or a bulk cat6 cable, Rj45 is the connector that you need to look for. 

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