What You Can Do If Your Children Cannot Find A Learning Place

The search for an apprenticeship presents our children with an unusual task. To successfully enter the world of work, they need the support of their parents. Learning

Young people whose parents are engaged have a better chance of finding an apprenticeship. After spring break, the pressure mounts for those who haven’t yet found a solution – and for their parents.

 The search for an apprenticeship begins with certain preparations – orientation and aptitude tests, information meetings, visits to trade fairs, internships and the preparation of a good application file. Then it takes some luck to complement skills, ambition and perseverance. When the refusals become too numerous, the teenager must reconsider his professional aspirations, optimize his application file, improve his presentation during the recruitment interview or seek a professional alternative if his grades are insufficient.

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Take Advantage Of The Shortage Of Female Apprentices.

Although companies are starting their recruitment earlier and earlier to find the best candidates, the possibility of landing the coveted apprenticeship before the summer holidays remains intact. Young people who have not yet seen by then benefit from the fact that apprenticeship offers are better than ever. In crafts, construction, sales, and gastronomy, the next generation is rare. But in other sectors too, companies are desperately looking for candidates for their training. This “shortage of apprentices” constitutes an opportunity for young people if they have the necessary flexibility and spirit of compromise. The training companies then attach even more importance to social behaviour, commitment during the trial period and motivation, which offers new opportunities to students whose performance is less brilliant. Learning

Despite everything, young people will remain without an apprenticeship place and need an intermediate solution. They must continue to apply relentlessly and consider an alternative beyond the application deadlines. Young people with academic deficiencies can benefit from professional preparation and improve their chances of using for the following year. These so-called “bridges” offers to repeat the school program and supplement it with introductory courses in certain trades (e.g. visual arts or childcare). Otherwise, language stays, preparatory courses or a social year offer excellent possibilities to spend the year in a useful and practical way.

Help To Find An Apprenticeship.

The offer of support for finding an apprenticeship varies and differs from region to region. In addition to the usual Internet portals such as and yousty.chthe App OP informs students about careers and helps them find a profession that suits them. The OP app indicates, in particular, the training companies and apprenticeship places to be filled in the canton and other cantons, transmits notifications to report new apprenticeship places and displays the training companies on the map in time real. It can download for free via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Learning

Young people who need more intensive support are accompanied by coaching or mentoring programmes. You found information on this subject in the vocational guidance offices of the cantons or on the Internet. School-leavers who wish to find an apprenticeship for the following year can enrol in the ORP and participate in a youth programme.

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