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What You Should Know About SmartPRP Restoration for Hair Loss

Hair restoration techniques have undergone tremendous advancements in the last couple of years. Patients suffering from hair loss can now receive effective hair loss treatments that hardly leave any scars, thanks to one particular hair restoration technique called SmartPRP. 

This method was develop recently and targeted various kinds of hair loss conditions, including extensive ones. If you are suffering from hair loss, you need to understand first what is causing your scalp to lose hair. That requires you to seek medical services from a credible hair specialist who will diagnose your condition, and once they find what is causing your hair to fall out, you will be given proper and effective treatments. 

In this article, we will look at the latest hair restoration procedure called SmartPRP to help you understand what it has to offer when it comes to hair restoration. 

What is SmartPRP Hair Restoration? 

What makes this kind of hair restoration effective is a solution platelet-rich plasma. Develop by Dr. John Kahen from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, SmartPRP is an advance procedure usually perform to help promote hair regrowth. Being a highly advance therapy, it will not leave any linear scars. 

Working of Smart PRP

SmartPRP hair restoration is an invasive hair restoration technique that doesn’t require surgery. The doctor uses a punch-like device to harvest healthy hair follicles from regions that hardly suffer from hair loss. This is usually done at the back of the head. The doctor will harvest just enough hair follicles to cover the recipient area. Once individual hair follicles have been remove, they are dip into a plasma solution to increase their survival rate.

How is PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) Get

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is obtain from the patient’s blood. Only the patient’s blood is require for the extraction of PRP. The doctor will begin by drawing blood from the patient using a syringe. The blood sample is then put inside a centrifuge device and spun rapidly for about 10 minutes. Once the ten minutes end, the blood will divide itself into layers, including red blood cells and platelet-rich plasma. The plasma is extract and is infecte where hair was implant to promote hair growth. 

How Does SmartPRP Hair Restoration Work?

Hair loss is usually caused by genetics, and for you to restore it, you need to use healthier hair follicles. Hair can no longer grow in balding areas because hair follicles, which are usually sacs where hair strands grow, tend to shrink. PRP works by rejuvenating these hair sacs to start producing hair once more. Platelet-rich plasma contains growth factors that are essential ingredients for proper hair growth. 

PRP Hair Restoration Cost 

PRP also helps boost blood circulation inside the scalp, thus rejuvenating the scalp area that is reduced to grow hair. SmartPRP is usually use with other kinds of hair restoration techniques. Anyone is eligible to get a SmartPRP procedure. PRP hair restoration cost will be determine by the size of the recipient zone and the number of graft hair that needs to be transplant. The number of sessions also determines how much you are going to pay. The result is that more natural-looking hair is hardly noticeable. 


If you are going to pay to get your hair restored with hair restoration techniques, you must make sure that the procedure is done directly. Technicians and doctors from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, headed by Dr. Kahen, have conducted numerous hair loss treatments, and you can count on them to deliver effective hair restoration procedures. PRP was also develop by Dr. Kahen, making him one of the most sought-after hair restoration doctors in Los Angeles. 

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