Which are the latest Safety Features of WhatsApp?

Of late, safety of users’ data has become an emotive issue because there have been many incidents of data theft. Data leaks on social media channels have many ramifications. Whatsapp, the hugely popular messaging app is making every effort to make its platform secure. It has recently come up with two new safety features for its millions of Indian users – Message Level Reporting and Flash Call.

According to WhatsApp, both these features have been introduced to keep the user’s overall experience secure. Besides offering end-to-end encryption, it has introduced a number of security features, including blocking contacts, and controlling who shares what. There are also features like disappearing messages, and the option to lock the app through Touch ID or face recognition. Let’s discuss how these new features would work.

Feature of flash call

One of the interesting features WhatsApp has added is flash call and message level reporting as part of its endeavor to make the platform more secure for its billions of users. The new Flash Call feature empowers users to verify their phone numbers through an automated call. The feature is more like an alternative to SMS messages that are needed for setting up WhatsApp on a brand new phone or reinstalling the app on a handset.

At present, the new feature is available only for Android users. This particular feature enables WhatsApp to make calls on the phone to carry out the verification. Therefore, with this feature, there is no need for SMS verification. WhatsApp claims this as a more secure option because here everything is done from within the app.

This is how the new message level reporting works

For message-level reporting, WhatsApp users can now report a WhatsApp account by marking a specific message. This is done by long-pressing on a particular message to either report or block a user. WhatsApp in its latest transparency report revealed that it has banned more than 2.2 million accounts in the month of September alone. While most of the accounts got banned because of inbuilt tools that were placed by WhatsApp to detect fake accounts.

Such safety features are already present on the app

Other safety features offered by WhatsApp include the ability to control who can see your profile photo, last seen, about, and status. It also enables users to block the account whenever it’s required. There is also a two-step verification system that acts as an additional layer of security. WhatsApp has also group privacy settings for group chats that let users control who can add them.

WhatsApp has also recently introduced features such as Vanishing Messages and View Ones. The latter enables the user to send a photo or video which will disappear on WhatsApp once the recipient has opened it. This is a much-needed feature that users always wanted.

Usually, everyday people receive different types of messages. Some of them are important in nature, and the user wants to keep such messages for longer. At the same time, there are certain routine messages that are more like intimation. This feature is especially useful for such messages. Now, users won’t be worried that such messages will occupy a large part of their phone memory.

These new features will further increase the popularity of WhatsApp. Apart from offering these highly useful features, it’s also one of the safest apps. There is no dearth of similar apps but what users want is a secure Indian social media platform. This is where WhatsApp makes a big difference because they make a lot of effort in providing security to its billion users. The rise of WhatsApp has been phenomenal, and the credit goes to its wonderful features. Moreover, it also keeps adding new and innovative features that make it even more useful.

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