Why Do We Need Paper Bag Printing For Our Businesses In 2021?

Believe it or not but I’m so angry writing this blog for you. And the reason is simple, why did we stop paper bag printing when they used to be used before? Most of you must be wondering what I’m talking about. Before this not-environmental-friendly plastic came into the market paper bags and paper bag printing was to be seen. But then everyone started using plastic bags and the paper bag was just retired. As of now, thanks to this generation, paper bag printing has taken a place in this world again and with a bigger foot than ever.

Paper bags have been used in trade and commerce for ages. Cloth and jute bags were traditionally used to wrap items in greater quantities during their passage from producer or farm to retailer, and shopkeepers subsequently utilized paper bags to distribute lower number goods to end customers. In reality, small food traders such as sweetshop operators, street food vendors, bakeries, and tiny vegetable sellers continue to utilize paper bags.


Why Paper Bags Were Gone For So Long?

Even though we loved using plastic bags there were some lacking which lead to the reason for changing paper bags with plastic bags.  The use of paper bags slightly went down and plastic bags gradually took the place with betterment options like more durability, strength, and protection of inside items. That is why we mostly use it for foods like fruits or vegetables, plastic increases product’s life.


Where It Went Wrong?

Plastic almost took over the world and ruled it for about 5 – 6 decades now. But it was never for betterment, plastic ruined our planet. We have been worst days because of it, like witnessing different illnesses, plastic pollution, the effect of marine life and animals on land as well as facing savior issues. All because of the exceeding use of plastic over these years.

Animals of both land and ocean have been dying due to plastic bottles and small pieces accidentally swallowed in their body and ruining their digestive system. Land fertility has also been degraded due to this issue.


Turning point!!

Until the 1990s, these issues were mostly discussed and written about in the context of newspapers, scientific research, and international summits. Then, in recent years, the impacts of pollution began to affect city dwellers and the ordinary man’s day-to-day existence. People are becoming ill as a result of dirty air, and ordinary people (particularly in Indian metropolitan centres) are applauding organizations, government entities, and individuals who are adopting environmental responsibility initiatives.

These life-threatening issues led the world to appreciate paper bags. Many organizations are adopting the practice of replacing their plastic bags with new and trendy paper bag printing. However, we as a customer are loving and accept the idea either government is still with us or not. Gradually, it is not just about paper bags anymore, we are witnessing the change in packaging turning eco-friendly, straws, and other cutlery as well.


And Then Paper Bag Printing Turned Into Needs With Trend As Well

Nowadays, we can see different brands only use paper bags for their products. paper bag printing took a whole new turn this time. Different and creative ideas are out there. the paper bag is now known as aesthetically unique, affordable, eco-friendly, and the main point where its sales the most, is elite. The popularity of paper bags is rising day by day. They are easy to use, clean, and can be dumped easily as well unlike plastic.

Just so you know how paper bags can be used commonly. There few areas that are making good use of paper bag printing:

  • Bakery.
  • Medical stores.
  • Jewelry.
  • Groceries.
  • Many restaurants.
  • Party bags.
  • Clothing stores.
  • Gift shops.


Paper Bag Printing For Business

Several countries have prohibited single-use plastic bags, necessitating the usage of paper bags as a substitute. Some regulations mandate them to include a certain amount of post-consumer recycled paper. The global Kraft paper market is expected to be worth USD 15.5 billion in 2019 and 18.1 billion by 2026.

Because of their environmental friendliness, all businesses want to put their items in paper bags. Paper bags are recyclable and biodegradable. As a result, a paper bag manufacturing firm provides an excellent potential for business owners to generate good profits.



The structural stiffness and surface characteristic of a paper bag makes it perfect for printing high-quality graphics, logos and designs better than a plastic bag. Making paper bags popular in the fashion, luxury, and premium gift packaging business.

They are bio-degradable means they cannot be lost in the ocean and harm animals even on land. 100% recyclable, energy saver because they made out natural materials like sugarcane waste, jute twine, coconut husks, etc. These are all the reasons why paper bag printing is trendy in 2021.

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