Why gift boring flowers bouquets?

Gifts are always precious as it comes with lots of love and positivity. They can sparkle up any moment, so sending sweet little surprises is never a bad idea. It is always believed that if you want to make someone happy then target their stomach. And nothing can beat the happiness of receiving a whole chocolate flowers bouquet.

Yes, many times we have sent some obvious flower bouquet and have somehow failed in our surprise plan. So why not try something unique this time? No individual has ever said “no” to sweets and chocolates. We all have a special attraction for Cadbury and can have chocolates anytime and anywhere. Age is also just a number when it comes to having some chocolates or candies.

No more wait, avail exciting offers!

This festive season, Oyegifts is all here to grab your attention with their superb yummy collection of the trendiest chocolate bouquet. These fancy decorative hampers not only give a completely new look to the bunch of chocolates but can easily melt your lover’s heart in one go. Embrace your special ones with timely delivered online gifts just from our store.

You don’t have to hold back yourself as all our hampers are available at a discounted price. Just enter our site and our digital assistant will be all at your service. We can save you from getting late for any surprise but only if you manage to order within the specified time.

Delightful unique bouquets!

Surpass your affection to all your near ones with these handfuls of yumminess. Don’t forget that you too deserve some happiness, and thus it is never a bad idea to treat yourself with some sweeteners. These chocolate bouquets are a new idea that can be gifted during any special moment. Select the most favorite ones and order at the earliest –

  1. Chocolaty delight

This combo is the perfect one for your soulmate as it comes with tons of romance and happiness. The bouquet carries our all-time favorites dairy milk and 5-star along with the fanciest Ferrero Rocher.

  1. Twin-in-one bouquets

Twin-in-one, as the name itself, is enough to signify the meaning. This bouquet comes with the most romantic duo of roses and chocolates. Enhance your love for your dear ones with this extra bundle of joy. You can even select other combos where teddies and soft toys are too available.

  1. Lucky hamper

The bouquet is a special one as you are not only delivering chocolates but even sending luck with a bundle of “lucky bamboo”. The whole bouquet is decorated in the best way and KitKat packs are placed all around the small bamboo plant. This cute sweet bouquet is supported with a white raffia thread and it binds your love all together in one.

  1. Choco pop

Send this artistic arrangement of exotic flowers and chocolates to your creative friend. This lovely hamper contains velvety roses which are nicely encircled with chains of assorted and fancy golden balls of Ferrero Rocher. Choco pop bouquet is the uniquely decorative one because of its color matching and the whole vibe goes perfectly with Valentine’s theme.


Surprise your beloved by sending flowers to their doorstep, We offer online flowers delivery in Ghaziabad, Mumbai, Delhi,  and other small and big cities of India.

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