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Your Checklist for Boiler Maintenance

The property owners and maintenance managers follow the checklist for boiler maintenance to ensure the longevity of the heating system. But proper boiler maintenance affects much more in comparison to reliability. Conducting routine checkups of your boiler can lessen the energy and operating costs as well as improve safety and life of the equipment. You should not wait for the yearly inspection to start rather, you may opt for daily, monthly and periodic boiler maintenance checklist. This ensures your equipment will perform in an efficient way. Go through this blogpost for boiler maintenance checklist as a guide for preventative care.

Daily Boiler Maintenance Checklist

When it is about boiler maintenance, little things matter a lot.

Though most people consider boiler maintenance once in a month or twice a year, you may use daily boiler maintenance checklist daily and get the most from your equipment.

  • Inspect around and under boiler equipment for water leakage
  • The area around your boiler is free of materials that may lead to obstruction.
  • Check pressure and temperature readings to ensure all are within the normal range.
  • Watch closely for service or error codes on the display panel, if applicable.
  • If there are error codes, then note them down and give it to your service contractor.
  • The vent termination is not blocked or obstructed with snow, ice or debris.
  • Inspect the combustion air opening for the blockages.
  • Listen closely for any unusual noises or vibrations from your equipment.

Monthly Inspection Boiler Checklist

Other than daily boiler maintenance checklist, you may carry out in-depth inspection once in a month. During the monthly inspection, you will have to:

  • Inspect combustion air piping and flue gas vent piping visually to detect any indications of deterioration, leakage or blockage signs.
  • Examine boiler relief valve and discharge pipe relief valve to find out any noticeable signs of weeping or leakage.
  • Investigate drain system, PVC fittings, condensate drain line and drain trap for any kinds of blockages if it is a condensing boiler system.

Periodic Maintenance Checklist for Boilers

When performing daily and monthly inspections on the boiler equipment, you need to conduct thorough inspections quarterly or every alternate month. A few of the necessary boiler maintenance checklist items include:

  • Assess boiler hydronic pipes visually to detect the leakages
  • Inspect burner flame and when the flame appears different, you need to take immediate action
  • Schedule for your low water cut off so that it works working properly. This ensures water levels inside the boiler do not fall below the levels of the manufacturer

Start-up or Yearly Service Boiler Maintenance Checklist

During the start-up or once a year, your boiler should be done proper maintenance by a qualified installer. He should perform complete maintenance on the boiler or combustion equipments. During this inspection, he should:

  • Inspect the heating system rigorously and detect any problems.
  • Clean and access heat exchanger of your boiler.
  • The pH levels of water are within the proper range.
  • Inspect condensate system and clean as well as flush the system.
  • Examine and clean burner assembly, ignitor and flame sensors.
  • All the boiler connections and wiring should be intact.
  • Scrutinize venting system for collision, deterioration or blockage to ensure all the joint as well as pipe connections are secure.
  • Survey air inlet and vent terminations to ensure they are clear and without any obstruction.
  • Check for safety controls, operating controls and control setting.

Before the technician leaves, he needs to ensure that the equipment is working properly.

Taking care of your boiler system

One of the keys to maintain the boiler is to go through the manuals for the equipment and follow them in the right way. Make sure you pay proper attention to specific instructions from the manufacturer about your boiler in the process.

In case you detect any problems with your boiler, you need to report it to the technician without delay. The yearly service should be performed by a qualified technician only. He can perform necessary works and proper maintenance of your boiler system.

When you hire the services of boiler maintenance, ask your installer about boiler repair cost in London. This will ensure if or not you can get the work done within your estimated budget.

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