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Your Ultimate Guide to Improving Internet in Rural Areas

Do you live in a rural area and want to improve your internet connection? Did you know that in 2016, 88.5% of Canada’s population was on the internet? For Wavedirect, improving the internet in rural areas is a huge opportunity.

This article talks about fixed wireless as an internet solution for rural areas and how this technology can provide unlimited high speed internet for rural areas. So read on to learn how to say goodbye to slower internet and enjoy fast, reliable, and working internet!

What is fixed wireless internet?

Fixed wireless internet is different from other connections like fiber and DSL. A fixed wireless internet signal is brought to your home via radio waves transmitted from a fiber-optic powered base station. Other technologies use cable, phone lines, or a satellite in space to bring the Internet to your home. Each of these technologies has its advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Internet in Rural Areas

When you choose a wireless Internet provider, the provider of your choice places a receiver in your home. This receiver communicates with the nearest wireless base station.

Our rural internet coverage map shows you the area and locations where we offer internet. Fixed wireless Internet is common in rural areas because DSL is a slower connection. 

If you choose DSL, your provider will provide you with Internet over the phone line. It’s slow, but you have Internet. With fixed wireless internet, it’s faster because ultra-fast fiber optic cables power all the towers.

1. upgrade to 5g

Whether you’re looking for the best internet for gaming in rural areas or fast internet for leisure. It’s important to upgrade to 5g as soon as it’s available. When you upgrade to 5g internet, you should use a 5g wireless connection. 

There is a difference between WiFi and a landline. A 5g connection is not a landline, similar to a 5g reception on smartphones. There are some differences here because 4g-5g technology was mainly developed for Internet use via cell phones. This technology sends outbursts of speed but is not intended for long-term, intensive data usage. This is just an indication.

2. identify any problems

You may have a wireless connection issue that is causing problems with your Internet. For example, your internet speed may be fine, but there is a problem with your wireless signal.

If your wireless signal is having problems, it may be reducing your internet speed. Use an Ethernet cable to test your Internet speed.

3. go wireless

Find a service provider that offers wireless internet for rural areas. If you are at home and many people are online simultaneously, you need wireless internet with a good mesh router. For unlimited wireless broadband, you’ll have a modem and an antenna that communicates with your provider’s antenna.

This option works much like a cordless phone. Your router converts the signals and retransmits them. You can then use your tablet, laptop, PC, etc.

If you choose this option, you must ensure that the antenna has a clear line of sight to your service provider’s antenna. Buildings or trees that are in the way may cause you to have little or no reception.

4. upgrade your router equipment for Internet in Rural Areas

If you’re opting for different rural high-speed Internet options, ensure your router can handle the speed. Make sure your router is technically capable of handling the speed provided by your internet package. Many routers are outdated and cannot handle the new speeds of fiber or even wireless internet. This will help you get a fast and stable connection.

Also, pay attention to the frequency and number of antennas on your WiFi router. This can help you with internet coverage and give you a better WiFi range.

Finally, you will also want to choose an internet provider with unlimited data. And you can even choose unlimited internet for rural areas with Wavedirect!

5. check your bill While using Internet in Rural Areas

Check your bill and find out what your rate is. Then, find out if there is a way for you to get better internet in rural Ontario.

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