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YouTube can be a great video platform for small-scale business marketing. Learn how to utilize the platform to its fullest potential. YouTube has over 2 billion people around the world and generates over 30 million visits per day and is a fantastic option for small-scale businesses who want to advertise using video content.

Completely fill in the YouTube account and use these steps to upload video content that resonates with your viewers and increases your following. This post is designed for small-sized companies looking to enhance their marketing strategies by incorporating videos and increasing the engagement of their customers.

Since its inception on the market in the year 2005, YouTube became a digital media giant. At present, YouTube has more than 2 billion users around the world and has 30 million visitors per day. More than 500 hours of video are uploaded on the site every minute, and there are more than 2400 channels that have more than 1 million users. The platform was acquired by Google in 2016 and is ranked as No. 2 in both domestic and global internet traffic, as per Alexa. twitter

These steps will help you set up your company’s YouTube account:

Log into your business’ Google Account.

If you use Gmail to manage your company email and YouTube account, you’ll be using identical usernames and passwords that you use for your YouTube account you use to access Gmail. You can also create your own Google account you can use only for YouTube commercial purposes.

After sign up head to the home page.

Double-check that you’re registered to the correct business account, not the private YouTube account.

You can click on the Google avatar.

You’ll find this in the upper right-hand corner. It’s a tiny circle that holds your photo (or the logo of your company when you’ve made it your email address’s avatar).

Your channel.

This option will be displayed on the menu dropdown which appears when you click on your avatar. It’s the most prominent option within the first set of icons.

use a business or other name.

You’ll be required to select this option, to begin with, a YouTube account for business. Enter the name of your business.


Then it’s done! You now have a business YouTube account.

After you’ve done these steps, go back to the YouTube homepage. In the upper left part of the page, there’s a dropdown menu with several choices. You can find links to the homepage, the most popular videos as well as your library and subscriptions. The library allows you to keep track of the videos you’ve seen you liked, saved, and saved to watch the future. As part of your subscriptions, will be able to view all channels that you’re a subscriber to and get notifications whenever they upload new content.

Customizing your YouTube profile

After you’ve registered for YouTube it is necessary to modify your profile to include the details of your company. Each user will be assigned a channel in accordance with their username. Additionally, you’ll receive a unique URL to allow other users to access your channel via an easy link. However, you’ll have to go further than just the basics to differentiate yourself from the competitors.

Add channel art.

The YouTube channel’s art is similar to a Facebook and Twitter banner. This header is a fantastic location to display your company’s name and slogan.

The profile photo (also called the channel icon) and the channel artwork should be a clear representation of your brand through quality photos. If you don’t upload photos or artwork, YouTube will substitute with generic images for both. However, your profile image is direct via Google. It pulls directly from your Google account and has to upload via Google instead of YouTube. It can take just a few minutes to transfer your Google profile picture with the account on YouTube. YouTube account. persona

These are the perfect sizes to use for YouTube channel art documents:

Channel icon 800x800pixels (displays in 98 pixels)

Banner for Channel: 2560 x 1440 pixels. However, for the web and mobile, it is recommended to use the “safe” dimensions are 1546 423 pixels.

Input your business information.

It’s essential to communicate details about your business or its products and services, and other pertinent information. This can be done in the About area of your YouTube account by adding your website and as the tagline of your business.

Begin by defining the channel description in your About section. Make it brief and concise It’s all you need is an encapsulated mission statement that includes a minimum of three links, as well as a small call for action. Scroll down until you reach”email for business inquiries” and click on the “email for business inquiries” box, and add the proper email address in there.

Create a channel trailer.

Although it’s not required an intro to your channel which is a quick introduction to viewers of the videos available in your YouTube channel is a great possibility to personalize to improve YouTube viewers’ engagement. When you’ve added this trailer, it’ll be displayed on the homepage of your account when visitors visit, helping draw them in and familiarize viewers with your company’s image.

Interacting with other users on YouTube

There are many ways to communicate and interact with other YouTube users.

  • Comments Comments are classified by the most popular or the newest. It is possible to increase your videos’ engagement by responding to those who leave comments on your videos.
  • likes It’s a less active method of interfacing with content. If, however, you’ve chosen to share your views on your channel publicly These videos will show in the playlists section of your channel.
  • Subscribers: A great way for your customers to stay up-to-date on your content is to sign up. Each whenever you upload a new video your subscribers will receive a push notification. It is important to constantly remind viewers to join your channel since it boosts engagement and boosts the number of views. Many YouTube stars incorporate reminding viewers to sign up at the start and/or at the end of their videos.
  • Playlists It is possible to group similar content through the website’s playlist feature. If you decide to publish your playlists, they’ll appear on your channel’s homepage under the content you uploaded. You can also arrange content from other users using the use of playlists. For example, if you are a marketing agency it is possible to compile all of your client’s video content into one playlist. In other cases, this is an alternative method to arrange your own content on your channel.
  • Sharing This social media widget lets users upload videos to other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Blogger, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • messages: You can also share private videos and messages with your friends or contacts through YouTube.
Checking your channel on YouTube

What can you tell when a channel is authentic or not? There’s a tiny checkbox, which will indicate an official verification badge beside your channel’s title. To be eligible as a verification channel, you have to have at least 100,000 subscribers. However, businesses interested in verification may reach Google directly to ask about verification.

YouTube Live

Like Facebook Live, YouTube has its own live streaming feature. Broadcasts typically focus on sports or news. YouTube Live isn’t as important as YouTube’s traditional video format because it’s not as well-known and your account has to be verified in order to run live streams.

Videos that are trending on YouTube

Videos that are trending are ones that YouTube users are using at a high rate. Most of the time, they were old uploads. You can check out the latest popular videos on the Trending category on the YouTube homepage, even if you’re not sign out or do not already have an account.

Trends are a reflection of pop culture, single viral hits, and current news. It also showcases users with the blue Creator on the Rise or Gaming Creator on the Rise and Artist on the Rise badge in addition to their channel’s name at the Trending Videos page. These channels will be featured for all hours of the day. To be eligible your channel must be subscribed to by more than 1000 people and subscribers can only be selected one time.

YouTubers as well as influencers

You may have heard of YouTubers or creators of video content solely built on YouTube. They’re basically characters that appear appearing on talk shows or reality television shows and have their own channels.

A lot of them specialize in a certain area, such as beauty or cooking, and others record their lives through video blogs. Many of these people have gained and have maintained a huge following, often with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, like Grace Helbig and Tyler Oakley.

Advertising on YouTube

There are many ways to promote your business on YouTube and enjoy the benefits of YouTube’s free service. Because the site is built upon video, businesses are encouraging to include an action-orient link that directs viewers to their website after the video.

The video platform offers four ads choices which include TrueView in-stream that are shown before, during, and after videos. In the first five seconds of the ad, viewers can choose to not view the ad. The only time you’ll be charged is in the event that a person is able to watch 30 seconds of the advertisement or interacts with it in any manner.

YouTube Premium

Formerly YouTube Red is a subscription-based service beginning at $11.99 per month. It lets users stream music and videos without ads at the beginning of the videos. You can also download videos to play offline.

While you don’t require an expensive subscription to use YouTube for your company but it is beneficial to keep up-to-date with the latest information about the platform to become familiar with the site. Keep in mind that videos are ads-free when you have this subscription. At the time of purchase, however, YouTube Premium could hurt your company, as the premium service takes viewers away from ads in the stream.


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