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How to Migrate Zimbra Contacts to Google Contacts? | Complete Guidelines

In this article, every Automated introduces heavily on email communication to discuss information and capture with another. Even though every email client strives to be the best, the Google mail client has managed to stay to numerous features and services most of the users, on the other hand, are looking for a means to Zimbra Contacts to Gmail Migration. Contact migration from one platform to another is not as simple as it appears.

Given the above issue, we’ve provided a way for importing Zimbra TGZ Contacts to Gmail. Let’s go right to the blog without wasting any time.

Download the Zimbra Account Migration Tool to get the easy method for Zimbra Contacts to Google Contacts:-

Import Zimbra TGZ Contacts to Gmail | With Manual Method

Manually converting Zimbra contacts to vCard format is simple. The user must take two actions to execute this. Aside from that, there is an automatic method for easy continuing the work.

Steps 1:-Transform Zimbra Contacts to vCard

  • To begin, convert your Zimbra contacts to vCards.
  • Use Zimbra Webmail to send and receive emails.
  • Select the Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  • Open the Import/Export menu.
  • From the Export tab, select the Contacts options.
  • Next to Source, click Contacts.
  • After that, choose the Address Book you want to export.
  • Finally, press the Export Button.

Step 2:- Convert the CSV file to a vCard or VCF file.

  • Type Contacts into the Windows Search bar.
  • The contact folders should be selected.
  • Now, from the taskbar, select the Import option.
  • Choose CSV as the file format and navigate through it.
  • Simply choose all of the files you want to export and click the Export button.
  • Continue by selecting the vCard format.

You’ve completed the conversion of Zimbra contacts to vCard format. You must now completely migrate vCard to Google Mail. There is, however, a simple approach for transferring contacts from Zimbra to Google Mail. Let us now turn our thoughts to the automated solution for this migration.

How to Zimbra Contacts to Gmail Migration | Automated Method

If you don’t want to be in a situation where you have to spend hours converting your files to vCard, the following approach is the best option for you.
The Zimbra Migration is a tool that can convert Zimbra TGZ files to PST, MBOX, PDF, EML, and vCard formats. However, Zimbra emails containing attachments and other types can be exported.
The best part about this application is that it has a user-friendly design and is compatible with all Windows OS versions. Let’s go over the steps for importing Zimbra TGZ Contacts to Gmail.

Migrate Zimbra Contacts to Google Contacts | Steps-By-Steps

Follow the below steps for Importing Zimbra Contacts to Google Contacts:-

  • Download and run the software, Open tab.
  • Now, Click on Add Files tab to insert TGZ files.
  • Then, Browse the complete folder or separate files, select the option from the radio button.
  • Click on the Browse Button to Add files.
  • Then, the pop-up menu appears saying Scanning Completed Successfully. Click OK.
  • You can view all the TGZ file details in Multiple previewing Modes.
  • Click on Export Button and it will ask for Export type to select vCard.
  • Now, you can use the browse button to select the designation to save the output. Click OK.
  • In the Last Click on the Export Button. Once the Export process is Completed Successfully a pop-menu appears to Click OK.
  • Finally, you can save the converted files in the desired location by clicking Save Button.

Final Words:-

In the blog, How to Migrate Zimbra Contacts to Google Contacts? Here we have explained the two methods are Manual Method and Automated Method. First, Manually importing contacts from Zimbra to Google Mail is possible, and it is time-consuming and complex. The Automated solution indicated above can eliminate confusion and Enhance efficiency. This utility will take the issue of any problem to might have with manual way and make it easier for users. It is also compatible with all versions of the Windows operating systems.

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